How to Choose the Right Bridal Set for Your Wedding Gown

Weddings and engagements are exciting events for brides, from the planning to the actual ceremonies. Every bride wants to look particularly radiant and stylish on her wedding day. And so proper care is often taken in choosing outfits and bridal accessories for the big day. 

Once you have found the perfect wedding dress, the next phase is to decide on the perfect bridal set that will suit your wedding dress. The right bridal set will not just compliment your dress and make you look really beautiful on your wedding day and after.

Because of how important your bridal set is, you must pay a lot of attention in making your choice. In this article, we will be looking at what bridal sets are and how to choose the right bridal set for your wedding dress

What Is a Bridal Set?

The bridal set is often confused with the wedding ring set and sometimes they are used interchangeably. However, they are not the same. The wedding ring set includes all the rings that pertain to the wedding. This includes the bride’s wedding band, her engagement ring as well as the groom’s wedding band.

The bridal set on the other hand is unique to the bride. A bridal set is a ring set made up of two rings: an engagement ring and a matching wedding band. The rings are usually of the same color and material and when worn together, look absolutely stunning.

The engagement ring of the bridal set usually has a more elaborate design. It usually would feature a gemstone or a diamond on top of it while the wedding band is the typical wedding band. One advantage of getting rings in your bridal sets is that they save you the hassle of searching for a wedding band that will match your engagement ring. 

Additionally, bridal sets tend to be less expensive so you should consider actually buying one instead of getting an engagement ring and then looking for a wedding band. The bridal set is worn just like the regular wedding band, on the 4th finger of your left hand.

You could also have a jeweler solder both rings together after the wedding if you prefer to have them as one instead of two separate rings. Doing this can help prevent the rings from moving around or rubbing against each other. 

Choosing the Right Bridal Set for Your Wedding Dress

There are several factors to consider when picking the right bridal set. Paying attention to these factors will ensure that you pick the best rings that are perfectly suited for you. 

And so, here are five tips to guide you in choosing the right bridal set:

1. Check Out the Shapes

One important factor in picking a bridal set is the shapes of the rings. It’s uncomfortable to have to wear a wedding band and an engagement ring that have different shapes. they will not complement each other well and will keep rubbing against each other. 

This constant friction can damage your gemstones over time so make sure that the shapes of both rings are perfect for each other and that they sit well together without any unnecessary friction that may cause wear and tear.

2. Choose Beautiful gems 

Another important factor to consider is the metal that your bridal set is created from. Diamonds are a favorite when it comes to engagement rings and wedding bands. Jewelry pieces made from diamonds are always elegant, sophisticated, and beautiful. 

Lab-grown diamond engagement rings and wedding bands are an exquisite sight on the fingers of any bride. Apart from their beauty and shine, lab-created diamond engagement rings come in an array of unique shapes and designs that will really flatter your fingers and make you one happy bride. 

3. Consider the Size

You also have to pay special attention to the size and weight of the rings in your bridal set. To be truly beautiful, both rings need to balance on your finger. You must also ensure to keep things in proportion. if your engagement ring has a small gemstone, then a thin wedding band will work better. 

This way, none appears overly bigger or smaller than the other. The right size will also help to prevent your rings from falling off your finger. And also prevent the discomfort that comes from rings that are too tight. 

4. Prioritize Quality

Your bridal set consists of your wedding band, which is a symbol of the love and commitment that you’re pledging to your partner. So it is not just symbolic but also has sentimental value. You must therefore ensure that your bridal set is of good quality and reflects the value that you place on the union and on your partner.

Also remember that apart from symbolizing love and lifelong commitment, your wedding ring is a piece of jewelry that you’ll be wearing every day for the rest of your life. So you must ensure to choose quality diamond rings that can withstand the hustle and bustle of everyday life. 

5. Reflect Your Personality

In choosing your bridal set, you must also make sure to pick out something that reflects your personality and your lifestyle. If you normally do not like flamboyant jewelry, then it’s no use trying to splurge on a piece of overly flashy jewelry that you’ll probably not be comfortable wearing half the time. 

There are many simple wedding and engagement ring designs that are really elegant and that shine and sparkle without calling too much attention to themselves. So make sure to take your time to search for something that you really like and that you’ll be comfortable wearing every single day.


Your bridal set is an important accessory not just for your wedding day, but for the rest of your married life. So it is crucial that you choose the right bridal set. You must make sure to pick a ring set that is the right size and that fits just right. 

You must also pay particular attention to the stones your ring set is made from. Lab-grown diamonds make an excellent choice. Their radiance and quality will ensure that your rings stay continually beautiful. Also, ensure that whatever bridal set you choose suits your personality and lifestyle. 

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