How to pick the right shade of white dress for a prom?

When designing your prom dress, you want to be sure that the colour and texture of the material are ideal for your body type. For example, if you have a slender build and prefer wearing less-revealing styles, go with an off-white or cream-coloured white dress. Opt for straighter silhouettes like sheath dresses or fitted skirts made from satin or chiffon if you have a fuller figure with curves or hips that need extra room in the skirt area of your white prom dress.

Understand what the dress colour description means.

Colour descriptions are a standardized way to describe the colour of a dress. The first part of the colour description includes its name, which tells you what it looks like: white or ivory. It also has an undertone and level of brightness, so you know what kind of shade it is when viewed from different angles or at other lighting conditions.

Undertones play an essential role in picking white dresses because they affect how your skin looks under artificial lights like halogens (especially fluorescent) and can make you appear pale or sickly if you’re too bright. However, undertones aren’t just visible when looking at yourself in mirrors; they’re also visible on other people’s faces.

Know your skin tone, hair colour, and eye colour.

  • Skin tone is critical in choosing a white dress for prom. If you have darker skin, choose a bright blue or pink colour. If you have lighter skin, go for a darker shade of blue or pink that makes it look like you’re wearing makeup.
  • Hair colour has nothing to do with what kind of white dress looks best on you; instead, it will determine how much time and effort goes into styling your hair before stepping into that dress. If someone says their favourite style involves lots of curls, they’d want something curly too, or maybe braids? Whatever works best for them.

Use a “ghost” test to compare white dresses with each other.

  • Choose a piece of white fabric, such as a sheet or pillowcase.
  • Spread the material on a table and make sure it’s completely flat.
  • Find another white fabric nearby that you want to compare with your test piece (such as an old dress). It can be any size, but make sure it’s smaller than the first one—you’ll need enough room for two sheets/pillowcases side by side!
  • Fold up one side of each sheet/pillowcase, so they look like two small squares when looked at from above.
  • If the darker shade looks more like an overall grey than a shade of white, then it will be better suited for your skin type. If the lighter one appears brighter than your complexion, it would be better suited for someone with darker skin tones or less contrast between their facial features (like large eyes).

Hopefully, this article has helped you understand the importance of picking white dresses with the right skin tone. It’s important to remember that white dresses can come in many different shades of white. When shopping for a prom dress, it’s good to keep this in mind—you want to find one that complements your skin tone and features rather than clashes with them. Skin tone, hair colour, and eye colour all affect your choice of a white prom dress. You can use a “ghost” test to compare white dresses by holding up two shades of white fabric and looking at them under an overhead light.

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